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How to nail your EVP

How to nail your EVP

An employer value proposition (EVP) includes your businesses core benefits that make up your wider employer brand. This is an unwritten promise between your business, a potential employees and your existing team as to what your business and culture can offer them in exchange for their talent, skills and experience.
Statistics show us that there is more movement in the Australian labour market than ever before. Employees leaving businesses is (mostly) a concern and can create a negative impact on businesses, especially small businesses. Having said that, it can also be a great opportunity for SMEs to hire with so many people looking to move.
To take advantage of the opportunity before us, we need to understand what our employees and potential employees want. Employers often believe their teams work with them because of good salaries and job security, but we know that these rank 10th on the list of why someone would accept a new position.

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