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Happy HR New Year – Pay Updates

July 1, 2024

Every year the month of July is hectic in the HR space because of pay updates. The Impact HR team are always working on client compliance so that things are manageable and run smoothly.


If you are managing HR for your business, here’s what you need to know and do:


1.) Confirm the awards you are covered by ensuring you have access to the right information.

– This year, Impact HR is sharing our Award Summaries. Don’t miss out on grabbing those summaries relevant to your business by Commenting #AWARDSUMMARYGIVEAWAY in this post and we’ll share a link, so you receive the right summaries for your business.


2.) Check your position descriptions still accurately reflect the roles in your business.

– If things have changed, up-date your position descriptions as soon as practical.


3.) Use your confirmed or up-dated Positions Descriptions

– To ensure the grades and levels, juniors, apprentices/trainees etc., length of time in the role are correctly summarised.


4.) Add into your summary any penalties or allowances if they are part of a salary.

– If you pay them separately, ensure they are updated in your payroll system.


5.) Apply the summary of information against the Award Updates and ensure the current hourly rate / salary is at least the minimum set at each level and for the right length of service.

– If the rates you are currently paying don’t meet the new minimums, increase the amount paid appropriately.


6.) Ensure you communicate the methodology and outcomes to your team.

– Download our checklist for how to manage the Award increases in your business in the button below the post.


If you are not sure where to start or have concerns, call + 1300 474 672 or email to discuss. We’re here to help!

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