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Developing People

Transform your business by investing in the development of your people

Impact through developing people. Ensure your employees have the skills needed to be successful in their roles, grow within your organisation, and achieve your organisation’s objectives.

Your business might have changed recently meaning you need your team member to able to do something new, they might be struggling with a current work requirement and coaching or training could assist to up their performance, or you might offer coaching and training to reward employees who are doing an excellent job.

Whatever the reason, let the Impact HR team support you and your team to develop effectively and efficiently. We can assist with individual and team coaching coaching, or designing and providing appropriate workshops or courses to meet your needs. Our team has experienced coaches, dedicated trainers, and facilitators who are able to assist immediately.

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Featured Program: Leader as Coach

This 9-month Leader as Coach program will help to transform your organisation by creating a culture of empowered and engaged leaders and team members. Through developing the ability to have effective coaching conversations, leaders will acquire the skills needed to guide, inspire, and encourage team members to meet their full potential.

Who is the program for?

Anyone with responsibility for leading and managing others, who wants to enhance their leadership skills with a focus on coaching: business owners, executive leaders, emerging leaders, line managers, high-potential executives.

Impact HR offer a comprehensive range of products, programs and courses to help develop you and your team to be more effective HR leaders.

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If everyone in your team has the skills, knowledge and attitude to do perform at their best, your business will run smoother and more effectively. The Impact HR team makes the process of developing people simple and cost-effective. We start by working with you to identify and cross-match the skills your business needs with the skills your team already has. Once we’ve identified any gaps, we can source, develop and run coaching programs, training, workshops, webinars and development days to suit the needs of your business in a location and at a time that works for you.


Our clients come to coaching for a number of reasons: you may have a leader who would benefit from executive coaching to help them reach their full potential; a team member may benefit from performance coaching to help them develop a more effective communication style, or improve their interpersonal skills; wellbeing coaching can help your employees learn and adopt more effective ways to manage stress; career transition coaching is available for employees who are transitioning out of your organisation. Impact HR also offers a Strengths Profile assessment and coaching debrief to help employees understand how they can use their strengths to perform at their best and feel more motivated and energised at work.

The benefits of coaching

Research shows coaching helps to promote change and success in an organisation through its impact on the person being coached, and the people they work with. This “ripple” effect comes about through the increased levels of performance and psychological well-being experienced by those who undertake a coaching program, which then extends to other employees who experience first-hand these new and more effective ways of working and leading.

Some of the benefits an individual may experience from coaching include: more effective leadership skills, greater self-awareness, strong, productive relationships, greater job and life satisfaction and effective communication skills. Organisations will benefit from confident and effective leaders, greater creativity and innovation, increased engagement and performance, stronger relationships within teams and across the organisation, and greater flexibility and adaptability to change.


Our training programs have been successfully delivered over many years, with proven results. Choose from one of our popular courses, which can be tailored to meet your particular needs, or we can work with you to create a bespoke course.

Our approach

The Impact HR team has more than 50 years’ combined experience in developing and delivering evidence-based, engaging, and successful training programs. We work closely with you to ensure the content is relevant to your business needs and aligns with your organisational values and strategy. Some of the training topics we cover include: Unlocking potential (leadership), Building high performance teams, Mindfulness at work, Communicating effectively, Conversations not confrontations, Influencing at work and Managing stress and resilience.

Lasting results

The Impact HR team will make the process of training cost effective and accessible for you and your team. We ensure that the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the course and can work with you and your team to embed the new skills and knowledge into an ongoing development plan for your employees. This ensures the benefits of training are long-lasting and over time, will transform your business.

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