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Impact HR offers a number of different approaches to meet your HR requirements. We can tailor our services to match the level of assistance and guidance your business required.

The Impact HR team work with more than 50 small and medium sized businesses and we provide support to each in an individual and specific manner.

We can arm you with the tools to do it all yourself, we can work with you to meet the desired outcomes or we can come in and do it all for you, completing the desired HR task so you don’t need to worry about it.

Our team will guide you through legal compliance, strategic planning and people management. Let us take the stress out of hiring people, paying people, developing people, communicating with people, protecting people, managing performance and letting people go while you focus on growing your business.

We’re passionate about business people, performance and profits and have over 20 years experience in the HR field.

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HR Approaches


Our Tailored Delivery Models

You decide how much work we do for you


When budgets or timeframes are tight but you have to get things done, you need be able to trust that you have the help and support to get it right. The Impact HR Do it Yourself packages are designed for Business owners and managers who want to have access to up to date professional documents and support and implement these in your own time.

Do It Yourself Packages are easy to use and designed to be implemented on an as-needs basis, these packages are ready for download immediately, so you can access them exactly when you need them.

All our Do It Yourself packages include standard policies and procedures which you can modify to meet your business needs as well as templates, information, documents, forms, and tools to make implementation easy.


The Impact HR Do It Together Package is perfect for businesses that want to improve their internal HR competence and need to achieve outcomes in a timely manner. You will gain the HR skills and knowledge that you need for your business without having to learn it all yourself or employ someone specific to do it for you.

Utilising your extensive knowledge of your business and the HR expertise of an Impact HR senior HR practitioner, the Impact HR Do It Together Package allows you develop HR systems in your business to create a sustainable future. This package develops your own or your team’s HR knowledge and competence through mentoring and coaching across all the areas of HR competence, depending on your needs.

If you have a payroll person, administrator or managers currently responsible for the HR requirements in your business, this is a great opportunity to up-skill them and avoid costly errors.




As a business owner Impact HR knows that you have a busy, challenging role and your team is vital to your success, but this shouldn’t mean that your role is consumed by doing all the people “stuff”. Your team should enable the business to flourish and not eat into the precious hours of the day.

Many managers are expected to wear every hat in the business and be experts in many fields, including what it has taken HR professionals years of training and experience to become proficient in. In addition, you are expected to keep up to date with all of the constantly changing legislation.

When you are running a successful business, how can you do that easily? How can you be sure that your business is complying with the changing laws? This is where Impact HR can help.

We can become your outsourced HR department. Instantly and easily you have the resources you need without the costs and time associated with employing someone.



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