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Transform your business by investing in the development of your people

Learn more about our comprehensive range of coaching and training programs, all of which can be customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Coaching for Performance Foundation Skills

Is your team lacking motivation? Want them to take greater ownership for their performance?  Feel like you’re doing all the problem solving?  You need to add coaching to your leadership approach. In this program you’ll learn why coaching works, when to apply it and how to have effective coaching conversations.

Delegating Effectively

Are you frustrated with the outcomes following delegation to others? Or, are reluctant to delegate in the first place? In this program you will explore when and how to delegate to get your desired outcomes.

Giving Constructive Feedback

Informal feedback is one of the most powerful drivers of performance. If done well, it supports others to grow. If it is delivered poorly, it can damage self-esteem and further deteriorate someone’s performance. This program provides guidelines on conducting constructive feedback conversations to progress performance.

Resolving Conflict Constructively

Are you observing unhealthy debates with no positive outcomes? Worried about how conflict is playing out in your workplace? Have people have stopped talking altogether? This program explores strategies to help you manage and resolve conflict.

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Are you avoiding tough conversations because you are worried about the outcome? Or maybe you are frustrated by repetitive unproductive discussions that seem to go nowhere. This workshop helps you to identify when things become difficult and apply strategies that help you and others manage emotions and keep conversations psychologically safe and constructive.

From Good to Great – High Performing Teams Program (Team-Based) 

Helping your team go from good to great requires investment not just from you, but your entire team. It’s about everyone understanding the key drivers of team performance and then working together to implementing initiatives to promote this This practical program does just that Leaders and their teams attend regular short theory workshops then complete real time action learning projects between each of workshop to help embed new habits, systems and behaviours.

Working Effectively with Others (Team-Based) 

Have you ever found that some colleagues are easier to work with than others? Rather than labelling someone as difficult, its important to first consider that differences in working styles are often the root cause. In this program, we use the DiSC model to help entire teams explore differences in working styles and what strategies can be used to better engage others based on their styles. 

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