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Working Effectively with Others (Team-Based)

Transform your business through working with your people

Increase your business productivity by learning how to work effectively with others.

Are you having a hard time to build a connection to work effectively with your team? Do you want to create an effective way to connect with your team? In this program, you will explore how to have a great connection with your team and on how to work with them effectively for your desired outcomes.

Program Overview

Who is this for?

This course is for businesses looking for team building activities that promote self-awareness and openness to working differently with others It is designed for entire team participation. 

What outcome can I expect?

In this course, you and your team will learn how to: 

  • Identify different workings styles within the team 
  • Adapt their communications to better engage different styles 
  • Identify the strengths and limitations of individual and group styles   
  •  Manage cultural issues that emerge from different team styles 
Course Content

Key content covered includes:  

  • Pre work DiSC profile assessment per participant 
  • What is DiSC 
  • Why use DiSC in the workplace 
  • Exploring you Everything DiSC profile and sharing insights 
  • Working with others case study  
  • Working more effectively with your non preferred styles 
  • Team profile share   
  • Team distribution of styles and how this can affect team culture   
  • Team action planning 


What is DiSC and why use it? 

The DiSC model is a tool that is used to help explore how different personalities and emotional responses tend to drive different behavioural and communication preferences.  The model was first developed in 1928 and highlights 4 key behavioural preferences; 

  • Dominance,  
  • Influence,  
  • Steadiness 
  • Conscientiousness.  


 It has since become one of the most used tools internationally not only because of its rigorous scientific testing, but also because it is a simple model to remember and allows people a common language better understand themselves and adapt their behaviours to better work with others.   

In addition to the model, a suite of self-assessment tools has also been developed to provide more detailed tips and guidance on how individuals can adapt their style.  

What's included?
  • 30 mins prework to complete profile 
  • 2 x 2hr virtual classroom sessions run via MS teams or onsite with the team 
  • 30 mins of between session learning activities 
When is the course on?

Upon request. Contact us to discuss your timeframes and dates.

What's my investment?

$2500 (minimum 4 participants) plus $225 per profile 

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