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Coaching and Training People

Transform your business by investing in the development of your people

Learn more about our comprehensive range of coaching and training programs, all of which can be customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Developing People


Coaching Services

Individual and team coaching to support your employees

Grow your organisation through developing your employees to reach their potential with individual or team coaching. Impact HR provides leadership coaching, performance coaching, career coaching, and Strengths Profile coaching. Impact HR coaches follow an evidence-based, solution-focused approach. Coaching sessions are based around the GROW model to achieve consistent success and teach participants long term behavioural patterns that will support them through future challenges.

Leadership as Coach

Leadership Coaching

Through a series of coaching conversations, leadership coaching helps to develop potential and improve performance. Areas worked on may include developing self-awareness of their strengths and areas for development as a leader, better decision making skills, and improving communications and relationships.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Coaching can create positive and sustained change for leaders or team members who wish to improve or enhance their performance in areas such as communication, workplace relationships, managing stress and change, taking on a new or different role, or accelerating personal and professional development.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

We offer career transition coaching for team members who may be exiting the business due to an organisational restructure. Career transition coaching consists of advice and support to help the individual make the best next step in their career. We can also offer guidance on updating their resume and LinkedIn profile and preparation for interviews. 

Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching

The Strengths Profile assessment and coaching debrief helps individuals to understand, appreciate, and develop their strengths. Research shows that when people use their strengths at work they feel more energised and engaged, and are more likely to consistently perform at their best.

Developing People


Training Services

Helping people with our training programs

Create an engaged, successful organisation through training your employees to address any skills gaps and grow with the needs of your business. Our team can deliver training programs that have been successfully delivered with proven results. We can also create a bespoke course or tailor one of our existing courses to meet your particular needs.

Leadership as Coach

Leader as Coach Program

Are you struggling with painful conversations, drowning in your to do list and feeling stuck making progress? Then this program is for you – you’ll learn the skills needed to have effective coaching conversations so you can guide, inspire, and encourage team members to meet their full potential.


Unlocking Potential

Unlocking Potential: the Key is You

We all know the expression “people are our greatest asset”.  In this 2-day training program, you’ll learn how to use your strengths and identify areas for development to become an engaging and effective leader so you can support your team in reaching their full potential.


Introduction to Leadership

This highly immersive short course will help managers, team leaders, and business owners understand why self-awareness is the difference between good and great leadership. Participants will create a leadership development plan based on their strengths and opportunities for growth.


High Performance Team

Building High-Performing Teams

Do you want to develop and sustain a high-performance culture for your organisation? In this 1-day course, you’ll learn how to motivate and engage your team, navigate challenging conversations, build a culture of psychological safety, and address dysfunctional team behaviours.


Conversations not Confrontations

Nothing changes if we chose not to have a conversation about an issue or concern. In this half-day course you’ll learn how to reframe your thoughts around the conversation so you can prepare appropriately and provide an opportunity for both parties to speak openly and confidently and co-create a positive outcome.


Communicating with Confidence

Effective communication underlies the success of every organisation. In this half-day course you’ll learn how to receive and provide feedback, navigate challenging conversations, manage conflict, and understand different communication styles. 

Performance Management

Performance Management

Learning how to effectively manage your high-performing team members and low-performing team members is fundamental to building a successful business. This workshop focuses on developing your confidence and competence in identifying and managing the performance of your team members.

Safe Workplace

Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Research shows that a culture of Psychological Safety is one of the key elements in high-performing teams. In this half-day course, you’ll learn how to develop a culture of innovation and collaboration through creating an environment where employees feel safe to contribute ideas and voice concerns.

Influencing at Work

Influencing at Work

Being able to effectively influence others is an important skill for leaders to master. In this half-day course you’ll learn how to influence your team members, colleagues and stakeholders in a variety of situations, and communicate effectively to navigate diverse points of view and challenges, and reach agreement and commitment from stakeholders.

Managing Stress

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Most of us experience periods of stress from time to time, often due to things beyond our control. In this practical, half-day course you’ll learn how to identify stress triggers and apply proven techniques to reduce stress, build resilience, and stay calm in challenging situations.

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