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Communicating with People


Communicating with People

Making teams effective through good communications

Impact Through Communicating with People. Whether your business is just starting or starting to expand it is vital that your team understands what is expected of them, your vision for your business and why how they contribute is so important.

It is also vital that your team can communicate with confidence what your business does and why your clients should engage with you.

Effective communication takes time and energy to get right. The Impact HR team can support you to define or redefine your communication strategies internally and externally. We can assist with language, common conflict areas, effective team meetings, communicating results, managing change in your business and your employer brand.

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Getting communication with your team right can make or break your business. If your team are well informed about what is expected of them and what your vision is for your business, you’ll find that everyone is travelling in the same direction, towards success. If team members are unclear about expectations then poor performance isn’t far behind, you can address this quickly and painlessly with some improved communication channels. 

Equally, you need to ensure that your clients are getting the right messages from you, so that they know who you are, what you do and why they should engage with you. External communication is just as important as internal in many ways, and isn’t all about advertising. 

  • Do you feel like you say the same things over and over again and nothing changes?
  • Do you struggle to put your vision for your business into words?
  • Do you have meetings which don’t actually achieve any results?


The Impact HR team can help you to identify where some of the issues might be in your communication strategies and change these to increase effective communication. We can help you take the time to think about the ways you communicate and make a plan to ensure time and money are not being wasted. 

We can help you develop a language which suits your business and identify some of the areas of possible conflict to address these before they arise.


Clear communication will help your business flourish. When you and your employees communicate well and often, staff are more productive and motivated. You will be able to address any areas of conflict or misunderstanding immediately, saving you time and money. Impact HR can support you to develop an internal communication policy and procedures. Having a written plan of action when it comes to communication is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Impact HR team can make the process of communicating with your team and clients easy and cost effective, addressing any immediate issues which might arise and making a plan for the future.

Communicating with People


Communicating with People the Impact HR Way

Maximising communications skills


The Do It Yourself Communicating with People Package is designed to assist you streamline the communication and information processes in your business to enhance overall efficiency and ensure your message is heard. The package provides access to documents and templates you can customise to meet your individual needs. The package includes:

  • An internal communication policy
  • An internal communication procedure
  • A social media policy
  • Different methods of communication ideas
  • Templates for meeting agendas and minutes
  • And more!


The Do It Together Communicating with People Package utilises your extensive knowledge of your business combined with the HR expertise of an Impact HR senior professional. The Do It Together package allows you develop the HR systems your business needs and creates a sustainable HR future by developing your own or your team’s HR knowledge and competence.

The package aims to help small business owners or their dedicated HR administration person to be HR confident and provide supported opportunities for developing HR foundations.

Through one on one mentoring and coaching, the Do It Together Communication with People Package covers how and when to communicate, team communication preferences, common language, identifying the sources of conflict and styles under stress.


The Do It For You Communicating with People Package will provide you with tailored specific advice for your business and circumstances. We become your outsourced HR team and can create policies and procedures to guide your internal and external communication.  

Working with you we can create for you policies, procedures, action plans and templates to assist in all the communication done by your business.   

As the package name suggests, we do it all for you so you can get on with the business of running your business. 

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