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Impact Through Protecting People. No matter what industry you work in, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind.

You have a responsibility as a business owner to keep not only yourself but your staff, your clients and the public safe whenever they interact with your business.

We can help guide you through what your legal responsibilities are and help you make a plan for how to address and manage risks within your business and industry. We can support you with policies and procedures as well as training and development for you and your team to support a safe working environment.

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Protecting your employees, yourself, your clients and the public needs to be at the foundation of every decision you make. Getting protecting people wrong can be costly or worse and a team who don’t feel protected will not function at the top of their game. 

Protecting people is more than just about Work, Health and Safety, although that is a big part. It’s about looking at your business as a whole and identifying the risks you might face and then making a plan to minimise or remove these.   

  • Do you know what the major risks for your business are?
  • Do you know what legislation you need to enforce to be compliant?
  • What would you do if one of your team needed to claim under workers compensation insurance?


The Impact HR team are able to assist you in protecting your team, clients, the public and your business. We can work with you to identify and manage the risks which are particular to your circumstances.  

Our team will provide support and advice on what risks you might need to address. These could be quite obvious such as personal protective equipment for your staff or fire plans or they might be less obvious at first glance such as bullying and harassment or stress concerns. We will take you through the process step by step to ensure protecting people is something which occurs naturally at every decision point and isn’t a costly afterthought. 


Minimising risks, minimises costs. If your business isn’t vulnerable to costly safety risks then you can be more productive and use this time to focus on the business.

Depending on your business needs, our team can help you protect all your people every day. We can assist you to understand what legislation you need to be following, creating a risk matrix for your business, understanding workers compensation and advising on many other protecting people concerns that you may have.

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Protecting People the Impact HR Way

Make the best protection decisions


The Do It Yourself Protecting People Package is designed to ensure you protect all the people involved in your business, from your team to the public. The package provides access to documents and templates you can customise to meet your individual needs. The package includes:

  • A Safety at Work Policy
  • A Safety at Work Procedure
  • A risk matrix template
  • An accident/incident form
  • Information on Work Health and Safety legislation
  • And more!


The Do It Together Protecting People Package utilises your extensive knowledge of your business combined with the HR expertise of an Impact HR senior professional. The Do It Together package allows you develop the HR systems your business needs and creates a sustainable HR future by developing your own or your team’s HR knowledge and competence.

The package aims to help small business owners or their dedicated HR administration person to be HR confident and provide supported opportunities for developing HR foundations.

Through one on one mentoring and coaching, the Do It Together Protecting People Package covers Work Health and Safety Legislation, required roles for your business, information about Workers Compensation and Safety awareness.


The Do It For You Protecting People Package will provide you with tailored specific advice for your business and circumstances. We become your outsourced HR team and identify and manage risks for your business seamlessly.

Working with you, we analyse your business, industry, team and clients and create a risk matrix to identify what potential issues might arise throughout the course of running your business and how these can be addressed or minimised. We review your current documentation, policies and procedures to ensure you are fully compliant under the Work Health and Safety legislation and assist you to upskill and train your team as needed.

As the package name suggests, we do it all for you so you can get on with the business of running your business. 

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