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Success through Systems

June 24, 2024

Success looks different to everyone. But for most of us, it includes peace of mind that what should be done is getting done in the timeframes and to the standards we expect. Whether you are a solopreneur or run a mid-sized business or a large team, systems are a key part of that. Systems allow us to scale because we don’t have to think about it each time, we do a task, and they are easier to teach newer members of the team. They also play an important role in helping someone meet our expectations if they are not performing at the right level.


When we talk to managers about building systems, some can become concerned. Past experiences may mean they are dreading long complex processes documents and manuals. While this is essential in some organisations, each business can establish what is right for them. At Impact HR we have a combination of systems. Online checklists, IT systems, word documents which explain the steps and training videos. Finding what works for you and your team is what it is all about. If you have “great systems” but no one uses them, you still don’t have peace of mind.



Love a Good Checklist

The simplest systems are checklists so that each time you go through a process the same steps occur and the same results can reasonably to expected. Whether that check list is electronic, paper based, kept on your phone doesn’t really matter as long as the people who need to use it, can access and use it easily. If there is a process in your business that is used regularly, stop and investigate if it could benefit from a checklist.


With award changes occurring every year on July 1, we have our systems well documented. Every year we take time to review quickly for any changes necessary and then we roll it out. The Impact HR team are so good, that I have total peace of mind that our clients will get what they need as soon as possible.



Patterns make Life Easy

Humans are creature of habit. Putting in place patterns make life easier for everyone. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly quarterly or annual, look at your business and identify the patterns. Some patterns are imposed on us while others we can chose and work around the needs of your unique business.


Communication cadences are highly effective systems to keep yourself and your team across everything they need to know to be successful. A daily toolbox talk, a weekly team WIP or monthly up-date. Build them into your calendar and make time to prepare for them.




There is a piece of technology for everything you need to do. If it makes sense to use it, build it in as early as practical. The right technology will save you hours and give you the reports necessary to know that things are on track. Or if they are not on track, the insights needed to rapidly make the necessary changes.



Talk to us about your systems. We love helping our clients define the right systems that make life easier for everyone. And then help you train the team to ensure they work for you to give you peace of mind. Contact us on +1 300 474 672 or via email at

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