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Saving Time through Task Batching

June 17, 2024

For small to medium sized business owners, task batching is an effective tool in maximising productivity and time management. Saving time through task batching allows you to stay focused on one type of activity at a time and reduces the time wasted from switching between different tasks.



Batching is beneficial because: 


  • By batching similar tasks together, such as responding to emails, making phone calls, or processing orders, you can minimize distractions and context-switching, allowing you to focus deeply on one type of activity at a time. This efficiency can lead to more streamlined operations, increased output, and ultimately, more time freed up for strategic planning.  


  • Batching can help prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks and ensure that important activities are consistently addressed in a timely manner. 


  • By streamlining repetitive tasks, business owners can delegate more effectively, empowering their team to handle certain responsibilities independently. This approach saves time and fosters a more efficient and cohesive work environment.  


  • Not jumping from task to task reduces stress and mental load. As busy business owner, actions that you can control to manage mental and emotional fatigue are really important to wellbeing. 



Our top tips for Task Batching are: 


  • Automation where possible. Set up email rules to move emails with certain key words (e.g. accounts, payables, invoices or Leave, holidays, vacation) to a email folder which is actioned on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 


  • Blocking out time in your calendar for email or phone calls so that your team know that you will be unavailable at that time. It also allows you to set up for the process and do the same thing smoothly.  


  • Adding variety to your task batching system. Try not to have a sales call task batch followed by another call intensive task batch. Mix it up with something creative or technical that you love doing so that your energy levels come back to their peak level. 



 We are here to help and support you if you need support in techniques to help optimise your time and improve productivity. Please feel free to contact us on info@impacthr.com.au or call us on +1 300 474 672. 

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