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HR Efficiency using Technology

June 10, 2024

We all know that human resource management goes way beyond hiring, firing, and payroll. Businesses today must increasingly focus on creating an engaging, positive work environment, following rules and regulations, improving efficiency, and using data to make great business choices. With this in mind, choosing the best HR software that can meet the expectations of your business is hugely important.



As no two businesses as the same and there is a huge range of really great technology available, making the right choice can be daunting. Our list of great platforms is long and it was really hard to select just a few, but here it is:


1.) Employment Hero

  • Employment Hero is a cloud-based HR and payroll solution that simplifies and streamlines HR and payroll management through its mobile app, enabling users to handle payroll tasks easily from anywhere. It also has a self-service portal allowing employees to access and update their personal details and view payslips online, adding a layer of transparency to the process. Employees can also submit timesheets through a self-service portal, capturing all necessary timekeeping per Fair Work legislation. Employment Hero also includes a free recruitment component.



2.) HiBob

  • HiBob is an all-in-one HR management platform designed for HR professionals, managers, and employees. It offers an intuitive interface, providing visibility for HR professionals, insights for managers, and tools for employees to connect. HiBob connects to many other platforms – not just payroll and compliance systems, it also connects to Microsoft Teams and Slack for example. HiBob is fantastic for promoting employee engagement as it fosters a strong sense of communication and belonging. It has a strong social media feel to it and, as one person put it, it feels like “Instagram on the front end with Workday on the back end”.



3.) Flare – Employees Financial Support

  • Flare is a Sydney based platform that transforms the way employees access their pay and benefits. Flare’s software, which manages the on-boarding of new employees and various HR functions including performance reviews and internal communications, is offered free to small-to-medium businesses. Flare earns its revenue from the delivery of financial services and products, such as superannuation, insurance, and advice.



4.) Happy HR

  • Happy HR is a cloud-based platform that can be used anytime, anywhere and can take care of the whole employee lifecycle. Happy HR integrates with several other platforms including MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero. Happy HR is great for small to medium business’ and can save up to 90% of your HR admin time.



5.) FoundU

  • FoundU is an all-in-one, cloud-based employee management solution that is specifically designed for Australian businesses. foundU makes the onboarding, scheduling, paying, and managing of employees quick as opposed to arduous.



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