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Business success through a team plan

Business success through a team plan

For many small and medium sized business owners and managers, the idea of workforce planning is a little intimidating, something that other larger businesses need to do but not us. Workforce planning doesn’t have to be corporate, complex or cold, the reality is quite different and is just as important for a smaller business as it is for a big business – possibly even more important! In larger organisations, you can often “make do” and have someone else around who will be able to cover a role or task for a short period of time. You are likely to have more than one person with the same set of skills so you have back up but that’s not the SME life! In SMEs we all wear multiple hats and often there is only one person with the qualifications to do a role. In a SME it’s critical to have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

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