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Building a culture of connection

10 August 2021

With many organisations now embracing a hybrid office/home working model, it’s more important than ever to invest in helping your team members feel connected. Building strong social connections in the workplace benefits the organisation with increased collaboration, creativity, and output. Research shows that it also benefits the individual by reducing stress, increasing engagement, energy, and job satisfaction.

Here are some ideas for building connection with a virtual team:

  • Ask everyone to prepare two truths and one lie to share with the team. People guess which is the lie.
  • Book a recurring 15 min online ‘drop in’ around lunch time where whoever is available can dial in and have a bite together.
  • Make your daily/weekly team meeting a walk and talk.
  • Host video meditation or exercise sessions and invite kids and partners join in too.
  • Run a team steps challenge over two weeks – this is great for encouraging lots of chat and banter.
  • Hold a guessing competition e.g. everyone takes a photo of the fridge and matches to the team member, baby photos.
  • Fast five interview questions – take turns asking the same questions of each team member.
  • Send inexpensive voucher gifts e.g. shout a coffee through Hey You, or Uber Eats. Or gift boxes e.g. T2 mixed tea gift boxes.
  • Send everyone a grocery box and have a mystery box cooking challenge using ingredients from the box. Everyone submits photos of their creation and votes for the best. The top three win prizes.
  • Run a monthly online group activity e.g. escape room, millionaire hot seat, cooking class, trivia.

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