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Mastering Difficult Conversations Training Program

Transform your business through developing your people

Increase your impact by learning how to master difficult conversations

Are you avoiding tough conversations because you are worried about the outcome? Or maybe you are frustrated by repetitive unproductive discussions that seem to go nowhere. This workshop helps you to identify when things become difficult and apply strategies that help you and others manage emotions and keep conversations psychologically safe and constructive.

Program Overview

Who is this for?

Team members and Business owners who want to develop their skills in mastering difficult conversations with others.  This program expands on our Giving Constructive Feedback program and  while it is not mandatory to complete this prior it is recommended particularly if you have not provided any feedback prior to those involved at all.

What outcome can I expect?

The ability to prepare and open a difficult conversation in a way that increases your chances of a positive outcome

Increased confidence that you have been your most professional and respectful self throughout the conversation, regardless of the outcome.

Course Content

In this short course we will cover

  • What makes conversations difficult
  • Why having the conversation is important
  • How to recognise when things become difficult
  • Styles under stress and strategies to restore safety to speak
  • A model to help you prepare your opening statement
  • Tips to manage emotions when they become magnified
What's included?

2.5 hour short course run virtually, followed by a 1.5 hour debrief session one month later to share what worked, what didn’t and look at further options. Both sessions will be facilitated through MS teams or Zoom.

When is the course on?

Program 3 – Wed 15th May 9.30am to 12pm, Wed 12th June 9.30am to 11am

What's my investment?

$695 per person (early bird 10% ie $495, outsourced client 15% discount)

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