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From Good to Great

– High Performing Teams Program (Team-Based)

Transform your business through developing your people

Increase your business capabilities by learning how to create high performing teams

​Are you struggling to build a great team for your business? Do you want to know the techniques on how to do it? In this program, you will explore how to build your dream team that works for you and your desired outcomes.

Program Overview

Who is this for?

This course is for businesses who are committed to driving a focus of high performance within their teams and looking for support, tools and templates to use with their teams to develop this focus and capability Both the leader and team members can participate. It can be for one particular team or multiple teams within the business. 

What outcome can I expect?

In this course, you and your team will learn how to  

  • Build vulnerable trust with others 
  • Resolve conflict constructively 
  • Building team commitment 
  • Keep each other accountable 
  • Stay focused on results 
  • Identify behaviours that lead to dysfunction and avoid these 
Course Content

The key content in this program is based on Lencioni’s Five Factors of a Cohesive team model and our own experience of what promotes high team performance. Content within the modules include: 

Drivers of High Team performance and Trust 

  • What is a team? 
  • Factors affecting team performance  
  • Exploring team performance using Lencioni’s 5 factors model 
  • Team reflection and feedback using Lencioni’s model 
  • Exploring how to build trust and vulnerable trust 
  • Trust building skill #1: Giving others the benefit of the doubt and avoiding bias 
  • Team workplace application using tools and templates 


Building Vulnerable Trust  

  • Progress reporting on workplace application 
  • Trust building skill #2: Avoiding oversharing 
  • Trust building skill # 3: Promoting a growth mindset 
  • Trust building skills # 4: Communicating with empathy and acceptance 
  • Trust building skill # 5: Working effectively with others styles –   DISC  
  • Team workplace application using tools and templates   


Resolving conflict 

  • Progress reporting on workplace application and insights 
  • What is conflict? 
  • Why resolve conflict? 
  • Identifying tensions early 
  • Exploring styles under conflict 
  • Key steps to keeping conflict conversations constructive 
  • Sources of conflict 
  • Managing team dynamics in conflict – social norms and venting  
  • Team workplace application using tools and templates 


Building Team commitment 

  • Progress reporting on workplace application and insights 
  • Factors affecting commitment 
  • The power of team purpose 
  • Goal, expectation setting   
  • Setting standards, social norms and team contracting 
  • Team workplace application using tools and templates 


Keeping each other accountable 

  • Progress reporting on workplace application and insights 
  • Factors that help and hinder accountability 
  • Approaches to promote accountability 
  • Exploring constructive verses destructive feedback 
  • Principles for giving feedback 
  • Giving positive feedback using the SBI model plus skills practice 
  • Giving corrective feedback using the SBI/BI model and skills practice 
  • Receiving feedback 
  • Problem solving through coaching 
  • Team workplace application using tools and templates 


Focusing on results 

  • Progress reporting on workplace application and insights 
  • Factors affecting focus and options to overcome. 
  • Exploring ways to promote collective over individual results 
  • How to facilitate effective meeting outcomes 
  • Team reflection and feedback on progress using Lencioni’s model 



About The Five Factors of a Cohesive Team Model 

Patrick Lencioni’s model of the Five Factors of a Cohesive Team was developed through extensive research and observation of high-performing teams across various industries. Lencioni drew upon his experiences as a consultant and executive coach, as well as insights from his bestselling book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Through this research, Lencioni identified the key factors that differentiate successful teams from dysfunctional ones, highlighting the importance of trust, conflict resolution, commitment, accountability, and attention to results. 


What's included?

24 hours of learning over 6 months 

6 x 2hr virtual classroom sessions run via MS teams or onsite with the team. This can also be unbundled into 12 x 1 hour. sessions if needed.  

There is also approximately 12 hours of between session workplace team-based application involving an action-based learning project and reflection activities using tools and templates e.g. Becoming the work Xmas party committee.

When is the course on?

Upon Request 

What's my investment?

$7350 (minimum 4 participants) 

Optional extra:  Pre and post team assessments using the accredited version of the Five Factors of Cohesive Team Model can also be completed for an additional fee.  

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