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The 5Ws of Impact HR

8 Dec 2016

The 5Ws of Impact HR
While working with my 6 year old daughter who was writing something for school, she reminded me that it is always helpful to go back to the 5Ws. We all know them: the Who, What, Where, When and Why you are doing something. With this re-learning fresh in my mind I decided to write the 5Ws of Impact HR. It is such an easy and concise way of thinking about your business.

Our small team of consultants generally have a corporate HR background, but a knack for applying HR in a pragmatic way so you and your team have a positive experience. To find out more about me personally, check out our website or find me on LinkedIn.

The other side of our “who” is our clients. This is generally small to medium sized business owners and managers who want to handle the people aspects of their business correctly. We also assist soloist who are ready to take the first steps in putting together a team. That team might be via outsourcing or hiring directly.
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Impact HR

Impact HR is a HR consulting and outsourcing business that focuses on small to medium sized businesses. We support you with all aspects of engaging people in your business.
Understanding that research shows in most SMEs, dealing with people related concerns and processes takes up 25% of a managers time, we work closely with SME owners and managers to give you more time to focus on your business while ensuring the compliance aspects of your business run like clockwork.

Customer Care

What is Impact HR

Impact HR helps clients across Australia, but we work with you in cost effective ways to ensure the best return for your investment. For some clients that means using technology like Skype to stay in close contact, for others we will visit your offices. Wherever you are located, we can find a way to support you that suits your needs and your budget.

Performance Management

the 5w’s of Impact HR

As a small business ourselves, we get that there are times when you will need more help and times when you will not need us as much, if at all. Depending on your needs we can be your outsourced HR department so that you receive the time you need on an ongoing basis or for a one off project. One of the great things about working with us is that you there are no long lock-in contracts.

Employee Strategy


This is the biggie. The WHY? The motivation and passion behind our business.
Impact HR is passionate about your business and its people, performance and profitability. Why should large corporates have all the help and support! SMEs are such an important part of our economy and more people are employed in SME workplaces than in corporates. We know that while we have spent years studying HR, industrial legislation and set aside time to stay up to date that is not for everyone. You have your own passions and skills, which is why you have amazingly diverse businesses. We look forward to helping and supporting SME owners and managers achieve their business goals. It makes us feel good to share your successes.
So, can you embrace your inner child – what are your 5Ws?

Grow your Small Business

grow your business with Impact HR

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