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OzHarvest : The Benefits of Leadership Training

17 August 2021

OzHarvest is a well-known Australian food rescue organisation. They source surplus food from a network of donors, and save this food from ending up in landfill. Then they deliver it free of charge to charities that help feed vulnerable people in need across Australia. OzHarvest’s long-term goal is to halve national food waste by 2030. Their organisation is structured to plan, influence, and educate others to do the same.

The Impact HR Leadership course gives leaders and managers the skills and confidence needed to create and maintain highly effective teams. Participants learn how to use communication and behaviours that engage their people, create strong relationships, and facilitate team work. We were delighted to have OzHarvest participate in a recent Leadership Training session and appreciate them sharing their thoughtful reflections on the course outcomes.


“I was incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in the Impact HR course by my manager. Having entered my 4th year in the HR field, and currently working in the People and Culture team at OzHarvest, it was an amazing opportunity for me to level up my skills. My goals are to change the way people view HR and this course pushed me further in the right direction.”   

Erin McAuley | OzHarvest

Q: What were your three biggest takeaways from the course?

OzHarvest: Narrowing this down to just three is hard! But my top three would be recognising my patterns of emotional agility, defining my leadership brand, and tips for being radically candid.


Q: What learnings have you implemented since the course and what has been the impact within your team/organisation?

OzHarvest: The ability to identify my emotional hooks and a deeper understanding of my emotional intelligence. The course helped me implement practices in ways to communicate more effectively and become a better active listener.


Q: What did you like most about the format of the course e.g. reflective questions, development plan, readings, group discussion?

OzHarvest: I loved the group discussions and the way each discussion was facilitated. The format of the course meant we could have these open discussions. There was an immense feeling of safety within the course’s space to be completely open about our experiences. I link this feeling to our facilitator of the course. Any challenges and ideas were met with understanding and incredible guidance.


Q: Overall, how has what you learned in the course changed the way you think about leadership?

OzHarvest: The course changed the way I view and think about the impact being a leader has on an organisation. It made me feel more empowered to be the best leader I can be for my organisation, ensuring that the impact is nothing but positive.  After finishing the course I walked into my workplace feeling I could better support my team and organisation as a whole.


OzHarvest has mapped strong long-term goals.  It’s great to know that their important educational and altruistic work has benefited from the support and learnings presented in  Impact HR intensive Leadership training program.


Who are OzHarvest?
  • OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue operation feeding people in need in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and in regional communities across the country.
  • Since 2004, OzHarvest has delivered more than 180 million meals and has saved more than 60,000 tonnes of food from ending up as a landfill.
  • OzHarvest rescues more than 250 tonnes of quality surplus food every week from more than 3,500 businesses including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, retailers, airports and food outlets. OzHarvest then delivers it to more than 1,500 charities, making a positive difference to the lives of men, women and children who now have access to a wider supply and variety of fresh and cooked food.
  • This not-for-impact organisation provides nutrition education to vulnerable communities and hospitality training to disadvantaged youth, playing a critical role in breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty.
  • Every $1 donated allows OzHarvest to deliver two meals to people in need!

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