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16 November 2021

Do you know how your team likes to be rewarded?

You probably have some idea, but have you ever asked them directly?

Sometimes it’s hard to see past how we personally like to be rewarded and see this through the eyes of others. As HR Consulting professionals, we would suggest that you ask your team directly at a time when there is no pressing reason for a reward.

This situational conversation allows people to be truthful, also a standard review is another good time to pose the question.

Let’s discuss actual Rewards

  • Some people love champagne and others don’t drink, so this is important information to have.
  • When it comes to rewards there are the big ones like remuneration or a promotion and then there are the little things that add up over time and show employees that they are valued by you and the business.
  • Understanding how your team like to celebrate success will allow you to create rewards which are relevant and meaningful to your team. Does your team like to go out to group events? Do they prefer to celebrate personally? This could mean the difference between a team dinner and a restaurant voucher for each individual, both lovely ideas but if you get it wrong you won’t be meeting the objective of the reward.
  • It is also important to understand if your team like to be thanked or praised publicly or privately. It’s not recommended that every job well done needs to be an all-staff email or announcement but for some milestones, it’s important to know if your employee likes being held up on that pedestal or not.
  • In the end, you don’t know unless you ask. In fact, we would suggest the act of asking this question is a reward in itself, it sends the direct message to your team that they are valued and that you trust they will perform in a way which would warrant a reward in the future.

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