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12 November 2023

If you are one of the many employers battling to find employees, you will know that it is a candidate market. Even traditionally employer strong industries are finding it harder to attract and retain their team. Let alone their dream team.

At Impact HR we recruit differently! We are sharing our top tips for how to recruit successfully in 2024. The key thing is to really know your audience. Who do you want in your team and where to they spend their time. The way candidates look for work is different now and we need to go to where they are.

Younger Audience –

TikTok and Instagram

Using popular social media platforms where your ideal candidates hand out grabs their attention and helps you stand out. It also offers various opportunities for businesses to advertise their products or services to a large and engaged audience and yes, you can post jobs here too.


Right now, Facebook’s reach is 2.17 billion people — in other words, close to 30% of the world’s population. But it is not where the younger generation hang out. But their Mums do! Some of those Mums are passionate about their children getting a job and can be your biggest advocates. Once a job is posted on Facebook, encourage your employees to share the post with their networks and like the post as well. That “thumbs up” button can go a long way in getting your next new hire.

Professional Audience – Online Searches and Services

Online Searches

Our candidates no longer go instantly to a Job Board. They search for jobs using their preferred browser, type in the job title and location. Google will then organise and display them based on the criteria. To get the best results make sure your posting on any site uses easily searchable keywords and hashtags.

Job Boards

The list of Job websites is huge and constantly changing. In Australia Seek, Jora and Indeed are dominant, but there are many others and some are free. Don’t forget to use Industry specific job boards if you need highly specialised skill sets.


LinkedIn has emerged as an important platform for finding candidates, with professionals using this platform widely for their next career step. At the time of writing this post there were more than 7000 positions in Australia posted on LinkedIn. Many professional organisations are using this as their primary recruitment tool.

Network Events

Networking events where people meet to build professional knowledge and relationships can be another great source of candidates. When your mission and business opportunity is powerful, people often indicate that they would love to be involved in the future. Connecting and keeping the candidate engaged is a great way to ensure that when the opportunity arises you have an existing pipeline of candidates ready to go.

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