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Navigating apprenticeship employer obligations


17 October 2023

Hiring an apprentice can be a great investment for your business, providing individuals with hands-on experience and practical skills and an opportunity for you to guide and mentor the next generation of workers.

It is also an important decision that comes with responsibilities. Here are some points to assist you in understanding your employer obligations to ensure a successful opportunity for both you and the apprentice.

  1. Ensure you determine the correct award the apprentice falls under. This will help you understand the minimum pay rates and conditions of employment.
  2. Understand the employer obligations for the state you are located – noting it does differ state to state
  3. Understand the employer obligations outlined in the Training Agreement
  4. Ensure you have a max term Employment Agreement in place to create a clear and transparent agreement which outlines:
    • start and end of the apprenticeship
    • Outlines the remuneration, hours and other relevant terms outlined in the award.
  5. Documentation and records: Maintain accurate records of the apprentice’s progress during the apprenticeship.
  6. Health and Safety: Maintain a safe work environment and provide necessary training to ensure their well-being.

We are here to help and support you successfully navigate employer obligations for an apprentice. Call us on 1300 474 672, or send us an email if you need help.


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