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Learning to Let Go

April 8, 2024

For most business owners their business is their ‘Baby’. Similar to any parent, a business owner wants to care for their child, so they grow and thrive. It’s only natural that we often develop a strong emotional attachment to our venture and feel a sense of pride, joy, and even protectiveness toward their business, viewing it as an extension of ourselves. Thus, every business owner should be learning to let go of the tasks that his team can handle.


With this emotional attachment comes resistance to ‘Let Go’ as things may not be done to our standard or in the way that we would like them done. Perhaps we’ve assigned a task a someone in the past and then had to redo the work ourselves. A costly and frustrating process!


The key to ‘Letting go’ is to embrace art of Delegation! Some tips to successful delegations are:


1. Start with Small Steps

– Identify task that you are comfortable to delegate. It can be smaller task among few key people to begin with and gradually can expand to bigger task across wider team.


2. Expand Expertise

– Create a team who share your values and standards. Encourage them to think and act with accountability. This can be done through right training and other development techniques.


3. Communicate

– Timely and clear communication to make sure that the team knows what is expected, by when and to what standard.


4. Foster Accountability

– Hold team members accountable for their delegated tasks by establishing checkpoints, milestones, and deadlines. Regularly follow up on progress, provide feedback, and address any issues or challenges that arise.


5. Utilise Technology

– Streamlining repetitive tasks and workflows by implementing automation software or workflow automation tools is essential. Use software to track productivity, monitor performance, and ensure accountability among remote team members.


6. Celebrate Milestones

– Celebrate milestones, whether it’s reaching revenue goals, expanding into new markets, or launching innovative products, these milestones symbolize growth and progress and build confidence.


Letting go of control and being less involved in every aspect of the business can be challenging. However, learning to delegate and empower others is essential for sustainable growth and scalability in the long run! Your business can only grow to when there are more people able to share the load.

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