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Investing in You

12 October 2021

Impact HR Director Therese Ravell reflects on topics to share some advice that may be important, relevant and helpful to the business community.

As a leader and manager in a busy business it is essential to invest in our team. It maybe tactical training on how to handle an internal process, some coaching around how to handle a challenging issue or providing access to training / webinars that will improve productivity and expertise needed to perform well in their roles. That investment repays you many times over in enhanced performance and will lead to a better bottom line.

But so often leaders and managers state they don’t have time to complete the training themselves. Trust me, I understand that. There have been times when I have asked myself “how will I squeeze it in? What must I give up to learn this new skill?” But I am reminded that when I invest in myself this is a skill that will benefit me, my team and my business for life. While our employees may move on in the future, you will always be able to leverage this knowledge, skill or expertise. You will be able to share it with others and they will help you take your business to the next level with this shared knowledge. It may even benefit your personal life.

Recently, like the vast majority of organisations across the globe, one of our revenue streams took a hit. Delivering Face to Face training in Sydney has not been an option recently.  My response? Self-development; so that a negative can be turned into a positive. So I could see the issue through a different set of thought processes and as a result we (my amazing team and I) are on our way to the new end goal.

There is another option. I could have taken the decision to give up and distracted myself with other things. I could have allowed frustration, repetition without outcomes to become the new normal. No one would have blamed me but… is just not me. There is a saying that the only investment that never fails is kindness. I encourage all owners, founders and managers to be kind to themselves and invest in their own development. It can be a game changer and it will be with you forever.


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