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28 February 2022

As a leader, or business owner, how much of your day is spent helping your people solve problems, or showing them how to complete a task? What could you do with that time if your people had the confidence and skills needed to work through challenges and get the job done without you? Investing in the development of your people is an investment in the success of your business.

As business owners we know that to grow our business we need to make the right choices in what we invest in. There are lots of choices out there so picking the right investment that is going to give you the best return is an important decision. It seems logical that it is the same for our people. To expect a greater return from yourself or your team we need to carefully pick the right development investment. Not all development needs to be costly. Try these ideas for excellent return of your development investment.

Peer to Peer Development

Ask each member of the team a date to identify a relevant topic of interest and attend / watch a webinar / TedTalk / read an article about it. Prepare a short summary (bullet points are fine) and share with the rest of the team in your next team meeting.

Development Outcomes:

  1. You learn more about your team and their passions which you can leverage in your business
  2. Your team develop their knowledge and expertise
  3. The presenter practices presentation skills
  4. Improved team connection with each other
  5. Improved engage with your business

Team Problem Solving

Identify a broken process or issue in the business. As owners and managers we often feel it is our responsibility to solve it. Resist and take it to your team. Explain the problem, the impact on the business and ask them to work together to resolve the issue by a deadline.

Development Outcomes:

  1. You learn more about your team and their strengths which you can leverage in your business
  2. You solve a problem and propel the business forward
  3. Your team develop problem solving skills
  4. You have insights into potential team leaders / delegation opportunities in the future which creates the ability to scale
  5. Improved team connection with each other
  6. Improved engage with your business

In-House Development

Work with a professional organisation which delivers in-house training for an identified skills gap. Often this allows the training to be customised for your business and delivered in a way that suits you. You can also leverage the course for as many people as needed in the business so it can work out more cost effective per person than attending open courses.

Development Outcomes:

  1. Targeted skills/knowledge development for you team
  2. Improved business outcomes
  3. Improved team connection with each other
  4. Improved engage with your business

If you would like help or support to implement any of these solutions please reach out to Impact HR.

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