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Employees working remotely overseas

10 November 2022

Covid has shifted the employment climate and the way employees prefer to work. Time spent with family, flexible working options and working remotely are at the top of employees’ requests for work flexibility. A recent spike in employee requests to work remotely overseas has demonstrated a common theme among Impact HR clients. Employers considering accommodating this option may need to consider the following:

An Australian based employee who is engaged in Australia, with the primary place of work located in Australia, and employed by an Australian company but who performs some of their work overseas may have entitlements under the Australian national workplace relations system.

If employers agree for their employees to perform work remotely overseas it’s suggested an agreement in writing is issued to document the terms and conditions in a flexible working agreement format. This will provide clarity on work location, duration of the arrangement, the work that can be performed remotely overseas, additional employment obligations, a review period, and any other reasonable requirement/s.

Flexible work arrangements are a great way to engage employees and offer unique benefits to attract and retain employees but like any employment arrangement the right advice and documentation is a must prior to implementing.

If you have any questions on how to set up a flexible working agreement or are looking for advice with employees working remotely overseas contact our Impact HR Consultants on 1300 474 672 or info@impacthr.com.au 

More information can be found at Employees working overseas – Fair Work Ombudsman


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