13 Jan 2017

Einstein is often credited with the quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I love this quote. Why?

If like me, you are back at work you are probably taking some time to think about and set some goals for your business and personally for the New Year. Maybe you are making some important decisions about where to focus going forward.

Business Deadlines

So, let me ask you very simply – Are you insane? Are you setting these objectives for different outcomes without making any significant changes?

Statisticsbrain research tells us that only 8% of people who make resolutions keep them and that by the end of the first week, 25% of people have already broken them. It is already January 4th. By now, 25% of those goals are slipping away. But, wait there is a way to turn it all around.


Let’s start with the obvious: Do something different!

1. Draw or mind map your goals. If charts are your thing – create a simple to read graph. Make it easy to see what you want it to be like going forward.
2. Display it somewhere obvious. Share it. Let others know about that desire to achieve something different this year. In a work setting it will help your team understand what you are expecting of them.
3. As it is displayed somewhere obvious, write your progress towards the goal on it so that your achievements (or lack of them) are on display too. Goals that are openly talked about have the best chance of being achieved.
4. Celebrate your successes and use your set backs to refocus your attention on what changes you need to make to achieve your goals.

Piecing It All Together

Alrighty then – enough reading. Time to prove you are not insane and do something different – get out your pen or use technology to get started now! Yes, that’s right, I’m asking you to do something different to get the different results that you want. Don’t close this blog and think you will come back to it later.

Still struggling, don’t feel bad or give up. Impact HR helps people put ideas into a format that works for you all the time.

Call us or drop me an email at to get started.

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