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Creating a high-performance team – are you doing all the right things?

7 December 2022

When we are busy at work doing everything that need to be done, it can be hard to take time to think about what you need from your team and help them understand it. Here at Impact HR we rely on five key steps to create high performance teams:

  1. Tell them ‘why’
    Share your vision for your company, your clients, your dreams, your values. If the team doesn’t understand why they are working so hard they won’t share your passion or your commitment.
  2. Tell them ‘what’
    Be specific about what you need them to do and by when. Set the standards early and be consistent with the entire team. You’ll win their respect and the results will flow.
  3. Tell them ‘how’ they’ll know they’ve done a good job
    We all need to know what we are striving for, so set goals and targets. If possible, break it into milestones that are achievable in reasonable timeframes.
  4. Reward them when they do well
    Celebrate successes. Small wins. Big wins. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and find ways to thank them for it. It might be simply taking the time to say thank you personally to those involved, or it might be something much more.
  5. Be prepared to act if they don’t
    The most difficult point of all – be prepared to tell them if they’re not meeting your expectations. If you don’t tell them, they may never know you’re disappointed and will never strive to improve.

So, take some time out from running the business and work on the performance of the team. You’ll be amazed how much the team will reward you for it in return.

If you require some tools to support your business and assist you building your team performance,  call us on 1300 474 672 or email for an obligation free chat. Sometimes the simplest of suggestions from one of our experienced Consultants can have a huge impact.

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