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Collecting and storing data

8 February 2023

The collection and storage of employee data is a relevant topic in the media at the moment due to several high-profile data breaches. At Impact HR, we understand the importance of keeping sensitive employee data safe and protected and have prepared some points to consider.

Here are essential steps you can take to protect employee data:

  • Complete regular audits of your software to ensure it is up to date and employee personal information is stored securely (depending on your business and the data collected, it is important to understand your obligations and regularly check these are being met)
  • Complete a regular review of the policy and procedures related to employee data to ensure it is up to date with legislative requirements. Does your policy take into consideration:
    • Do your employees understand the process to report lost or stolen devices?
    • Do you have a process in place when an employee leaves the business – is security access automatically turned off?
  • Do you have strong passwords in place. Do you need to introduce a 2 factor sign in process?
  • Make sure within the business, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined – For example, who are the employees that require access to secure data.
  • General employee security awareness training is important to ensure employees understand how to keep data safe. Training can cover:
    • how to spot suspicious emails,
    • not to share passwords and
    • understand a weak vs strong password
    • Help ensure that employees are aware of the current policy and procedures in place

We are here to help and support you put a process in place to ensure you are safely collecting and storing employee data. Call us on 1300 474 672, or send us an email if you need help.


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