Casual Confirmation; Check-in time

2 September 2021

Casual Employment Reminder 

Back in March 2021, Fair Work Australia introduced new laws around Casual Employment. Although we have already supported our clients through this change, the 27th September 2021 deadline is rapidly approaching and it is important to ensure your business is compliant. 

Your fast refresher on your new rules are: 
  • There is a new definitioncasual employment 
  • No more double dipping on entitlements
  • Introduction of a new Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS) that must be provided to all casual employees 
  • New employer obligations and employee rights around offering and requesting casual to permanent conversion

Small businesses who employ less than 15 people are exempt from the obligation to offer casual conversion. Howeveryou are still required to answer to requests made by casual staff for conversion by following the process set out in the legislation to deal with those requests. If your business employs more than 15 employees, you are required to consider any requests for Casual Conversion if the employee has been employed for a year and respond within 21 days of their request. There are genuine reasons why your business can decline the transition. 

All employers are required to give casual employees a CEIS in addition to the Fair Work Information Statement. If you haven’t already done this, you must provide the CEIS to all of your casual employees before the 27th of September. We encourage you to keep a record of who has received the CEIS 

For support to work out if any of your team are eligible to be converted to permanent employees, please reach out to the Impact HR team for an obligation free discussion.


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