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Cascading Goals

May 6, 2024

We’ve talked about how to improve employee productivity in previous blog posts but let’s cascade down further! Are you giving your employees a sense of purpose by incorporating cascading goals into your business?


What are Cascading Goals?

The term ‘cascading goals’ was coined by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the authors of The Balanced Scorecard. It refers to connecting a business’ vision to goals throughout the entire business. Business owners and/or managers define the goals and share them at every level of the business, so that every employee is accountable for achieving the overall goals and objectives of that business.


Employee and ultimately business performance can be greatly impacted by goals that are agreed by the leadership team and cascaded down to departments and to individuals. When an employee can see how their own personal work objectives contribute to the overall growth of a business, they feel engaged, motivated and empowered.


With this, it is important that individual goal setting is collaborative between managers and employees. It gives the employee a sense of ownership and ensures that the goals align with the employees’ skills / qualifications and the overall business goals.


Source: People Managing People


As humans we focus on what we measure, so an ongoing procedure for measuring this process is crucial. We recommend incorporating goals into the employee performance review cycle. Goals need to be measurable, achievable and they need to be periodically reviewed throughout the cycle. Monthly or quarterly at minimum is great! The goals allow you measure and reward employee achievements or to apply accountability when goals are not met.


What are the Benefits of Cascading Goals?

  • Individual and team goals are aligned with business goals – everyone is working toward the same common goal or strategy, and it helps to break down hierarchy
  • Communication is improved between all stakeholders at all levels of the business
  • Performance management is enhanced and improved. Cascading goals provide a framework for performance management and clear criteria are made available for evaluation of an employee’s performance, and;

  • Employee motivation and engagement is enhanced as employees know what they are working towards and contributing to.


Knowing this, cascading goals are a simple way to engage, retain and create integrated growth for everyone.

If you would like assistance to implement Cascading Goals in your business, reach out to our team today. We are here to help you create your dream business through your dream team.

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