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Appreciate Expertise

26 October 2021

Impact HR Director Therese Ravell reflects on topics to share some advice that may be important, relevant and helpful to the business community.

Running a business requires expertise in many different areas.
As our business grows, we need to focus on areas of our strength and trust some parts of the business to people with other areas of expertise.

When I reflect on why some of our clients are so successful, I’ve noticed a pattern;

  • They have focused on their expertise
  • They are prepared to delegate some areas to others

The Outcome

By delegating tasks to others does not mean they are absolving themselves of final accountability.

In fact, delegation leads to greater individual and team engagement. By placing trust in the experts in their subject matter area creates an opportunity for them to provide the right advice, build better systems and get the job done.

When we surround ourselves with experts, who respect each other’s point of view, we make better decisions for both long and short term business and team success.


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