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25 Christmas gift ideas

25 October 2022

​Budgeting for Christmas gifts can be challenging! As HR professionals, we understand there’s the Christmas party, potentially slow cash flow during January (in some industries) and the burden of leave loading to consider. However, after working hard during the year, the team deserves some recognition. How do you reward your employees without getting an overdraft from the Bank?  Here are some tips from our HR Consulting services to offer some simple yet useful gift suggestions.

  1. Hamper
  2. Urban Rituelle product
  3. Movie voucher (independent cinema)
  4. Candle
  5. Beauty Salon voucher
  6. Plant
  7. Coffee/food voucher
  8. Handmade cookies
  9. Prepaid gift card (Westfield, Coles etc.)
  10. Uber eats voucher
  11. Restaurant voucher (support local)
  12. Umbrella
  13. Beach towel
  14. Spice pack
  15. Dinner ladies’ voucher
  16. Florist voucher
  17. Christmas wreath
  18. Bottle of wine/spirits
  19. Non-alcoholic spirit
  20. Sans drinks voucher
  21. Handmade chocolates
  22. Pamper pack
  23. Aromatherapy diffuser
  24. Local honey
  25. Eco friendly products

Before you tear up the to-do list and throw your hands in the air, remember that help is at hand. Wrapped and beautifully presented gifts can be delivered to your door with little more than an online order or call. But remember to make it personal! Write that card or do something else to let your team know you care.

If you need extra help, call on 1300 474 672 or email us and we’ll be happy to support you through this Christmas season while you focus on business.


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