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10 reasons why you need a Leadership Coach

20 August 2021

If you ask a high achieving executive for insight into the secret to their success, many will recommend the benefit of leadership coaching.  There are some very well-known entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, to Oprah Winfrey, who advocate the benefits of coaching. However to be clear, leadership coaching is not just for the C-Suite – coaching can make a significant impact across all levels of your business.

Engaged, productive, and collaborative employees will help you reach and often exceed, your business goals. You’ll also create a workplace that inspires passionate team members who enjoy greater morale and motivation.

Why Leadership Coaching? 

An executive coach supports leaders in navigating their own challenges, improving motivation, and creating greater empathy and awareness, which results in enhanced leadership. With so many benefits, the question may need to be reframed: “why wouldn’t you undertake coaching”? 

In our experience, we find that for a business to reach full potential, management benefits from executive coaching to map a new process or approach. Perhaps a team member may benefit from performance coaching to help them develop a more effective communication style or improve their interpersonal skills.

Top 10 Outcomes of Leadership Coaching

  1. Improved work performance
  2. Better motivation and engagement
  3. Confident and effective leaders
  4. More effective leadership abilities
  5. Improved communication skills
  6. Greater creativity and innovation
  7. Adaptability to change
  8. Greater self-awareness
  9. Greater job and life satisfaction, better perspective
  10. Stronger, more productive professional relationships

Research shows coaching helps promote change and success in an organisation through its “Ripple” effect.  Participants in our group Leader as Coach program report increased levels of performance and psychological wellbeing, which rollover to other employees who experience first-hand these new and more effective ways of working and leading.  

Our programs help leaders acquire the skills needed to guide, inspire, and encourage team members to meet their full potential. Outcomes from our Leader as Coach transformational coaching program include:

  • Confidence and skills to have quality 1:1 coaching session with team members
  • Enhanced growth mindset and emotional agility
  • Understanding of when/how to coach for different behavioural styles
  • How to leverage their strengths as a leader, and the strengths within a team
  • The ability to effectively give and receive feedback
  • Create a coaching culture

Strengths Profile

Another valuable tool to improve motivation and performance is the Strengths Profile assessment. It’s a practical tool designed to help employees improve self-awareness and understand how to use their unique strengths to improve their work performance and feel more motivated and energised at work. 

Now is a good time to grow your organisation through developing your employees to reach their potential with individual or team coaching. Impact HR provides executive coaching, performance coaching, wellbeing coaching and career transition coaching. Our coaches follow an evidence-based, solution-focused approach, combining the rigours of proven theory within a highly practical and results orientated framework. Our courses adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics and coaching sessions are based around the GROW Coaching model to achieve consistent success and teach participants long term behavioural patterns that will support them through future challenges. 

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