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Individual and team coaching to support your employees

Impact through developing employees to perform at their best.

​Grow your organisation through developing your employees to reach their potential with individual or team coaching. Impact HR provides executive coaching, performance coaching, wellbeing coaching and career transition coaching. 

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Our clients come to coaching for a number of reasons: you may have a leader who would benefit from executive coaching to help them reach their full potential; a team member may benefit from performance coaching to help them develop a more effective communication style, or improve their interpersonal skills; wellbeing coaching can help your employees learn and adopt more effective ways to manage stress and take care of their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing; career transition coaching is available for employees who are transitioning out of your organisation.

Impact HR also offer a Strengths Profile assessment and coaching debrief to help employees understand how they can use their strengths to perform at their best and feel more motivated and energised at work.


Impact HR coaches follow an evidence-based, solution-focused approach, combining the rigours of proven theory within a highly practical and results orientated framework. Our coaches all adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics. Coaching sessions are based around the Grow model to achieve consistent success and teach participants long term behavioural patterns that will support them through future challenges.


Research shows coaching helps to promote change and success in an organisation through its impact on the person being coached, and the people they work with. This “ripple” effect comes about through the increased levels of performance and psychological wellbeing experienced by those who undertake a coaching program, which then extends to other employees who experience first-hand these new and more effective ways of working and leading.

Some of the benefits an individual may experience from coaching include:

  • More effective leadership skills
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Strong, productive relationships
  • Greater job and life satisfaction
  • Effective communication skills
  • Increased perspective taking

Organisations benefit from:

  • Confident and effective leaders
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Increased engagement and performance
  • Stronger relationships within teams and across the organisation
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change

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