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TheOnlineCo. Welcomes stress free HR services

13 August 2020

TheOnlineCo. a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney has been specialising in SEO, SEM, Social, Email Campaigns, Web Development and Design since 2009, working with corporate clients and small to medium businesses. Over the years, the love for helping people with Digital Marketing and changing technology has led to exceptional growth.

To ensure continued outstanding customer service and results the agency relied on a flexible workforce allowing them to flex up and down with the changing demands of their clients. General Manager April Parnwell recognised this and sought ways to handle the growing number of positions, understanding the complexities of being compliant to awards and onboarding new hires more efficiently. The blend of contractors, casual employees and permanent employees resulted in a significant workload to manage the team. Although TheOnlineCo had the right things in place, “They weren’t very in depth, not enough to have a thorough onboarding package,” said April.

TheOnlineCo. needed a better solution.

Supported by Impact HR, TheOnlineCo. implemented Impact HR’s onboarding process to improve their hiring and reporting system. Now, the business can manage the entire recruiting lifecycle while providing candidates with a better experience. Not only are they able to manage the process more efficiently, but they have increased visibility into candidates’ statuses and a better tool to capture information for audits. Plus, they can now leverage data from previous candidates for future hiring needs. With Impact HR’s full suite of onboarding documentation, the business utilises one process to manage HR, hire staff, track awards, and pay employees, all while receiving support from a dedicated team of Impact HR professionals.

For April, HR products were not enough. She was looking for a partner who would take care of her employees and collaborate to solve their unique business problems. TheOnlineCo. now has an efficient recruiting and onboarding process thanks to its partnership with Therese Ravell, Impact HR Director, and her expert team.

“We did have a few things in place, but now it’s solid, I now know what I have to do when we need to bring someone on board and I love the emails I receive now and then saying ‘hey, this person is due a pay rise’ Just so glad I don’t have to think about that, I feel safe that that work is being done for me.  I’m not going to worry that I’m going to miss anything.  My intentions are not to do the wrong thing but sometimes you don’t know when you are supposed to do the right thing.

I would say, Impact HR are our HR company, and help us put together packages for our employees that are fair, help us work out the correct award, help us work through our employment contracts making sure we have all the right wording and everything we need. Impact HR are available for ongoing HR questions and able to answer those questions professionally. So if there are any changes to law or legislation, you stay up to date on those things and help us understand what it is we need to do , and put things in place to make sure we are covering off everything that is required of us as employers,” said April.

Once worried about managing the complexities of having a team, TheOnlineCo. now has the time to do what they love, helping people with Digital Marketing through emerging technologies. With Impact HR as their partner, they can now continue using innovative ways to grow their own and their client’s businesses.


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