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The importance of building behavioural questions into interviews

2 March 2023

Selecting the right person for the job is critical in this current recruitment market. Hiring decisions can impact business performance and selecting the right candidate can directly impact the business’s future success. A reliable interview and selection process is essential to ensure sound recruitment decisions.

A combination of behavioural and skills-based interview questions is a valuable tool in the recruitment process to help employers choose the right candidate.

Here are some reasons why including behavioural interview questions are important:

  • In a behavioural interview, candidates are asked questions about how they have handled relevant work situations in the past. This provides the employer with insight into their likely future performance and future potential.
  • Provides a quick and effective tool to get to know the candidate’s character. This information can assist the employer to determine whether the candidate is not only a cultural fit, but a cultural add.
  • Behavioural interviews are designed to be a fair and objective tool. The candidates are asked the same questions to ensure a fair process.

Selecting the right candidate can be a long and tedious process. Having the right tools in place will provide employers with an efficient and effective process to find the right person. We are here to help and support our clients with all recruitment and selection requirements. For more information on how we can help find the right person for your team, call us on 1300 474 672, or send us an email if you need help.


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