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April 1, 2024

I love, LOVE, LOVE what I do. I love working with our amazing clients. You inspire me daily. I love working with my team. How awesome are they, right?? I’m not in love with the constantly changing legislation, but it does fuel my love of learning. 2 ½ out of 3 isn’t bad! It takes time to dream big.


Like many businesses, Impact HR was founded from passion. My passion was to make life easier for you. Take the pain out of having a team and give you the space to focus on what was needed most in your business and not the HR compliance that comes with having a team. Because for most of us, we can’t have our Dream Business without our Dream Team.  


But as Impact HR grew, it got harder to take time out of the day to day to reconnect with the original passion and purpose. Instead of growth feeling good, it felt like it might result in more work… Eeeck! I couldn’t handle that. But as I stepped into Self Coaching mode, I realised I wasn’t taking my own advice. Although I knew the importance of time away from my business, making space to dream big and solve problems, I wasn’t building it into my business.  


My Top Tips to Create Space: 


1.) Allocate Time for Planning and Reviews

My life is planned a year in advance. Key personal and business events are all in the same calendar. That way I can identify clashes early and avoid them (most of the time). It gives me things to look forward to. It gives me days that are allocated to thinking Big and what I need to do or do differently to get there.  


2.) Delegation  

Creating time for Big Thinking is only possible when you delegate effectively. That means appropriately handing over a task and ensuring the person it is delegated to understands what your idea of successful completion looks like. The first time you delegate a task, it takes longer than it would to do it yourself. “It will only take me 5 minutes” thinking, stops you from investing that 5 minutes into building the future.   


3.) Use your Energy Wisely 

We are not energiser bunnies! Humans have rhythms of when we are most productive, most creative, most able to learn, in the best frame of mind to coach others. Obverse yourself and track when you perform which tasks best. I read for 10 minutes a day in the morning to keep up with HR law and learn new things. I remember more than if I read before I sleep.  


4.) Powerful Pauses 

Our world of distractions tends to mean that when we are not in meetings with clients, delivering our product/service, we are on the phone or answering emails/messaging apps. Building in short breaks between switching tasks can be incredibly powerful. A short reset, with a focus and intention on what is next makes the next task easier, your time more productive and your day more enjoyable.  


Taking time to think big is as essential to your business success as it is to your health and wellbeing.  

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