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Running Effective Hybrid Meetings

March 11, 2024

Running effective hybrid remote meetings requires careful planning and execution to ensure all participants, whether in person or remote, feel engaged and included. Here are some tips to support your next hybrid remote meeting:



Use reliable video conferencing tools (camera, speaker, microphone) that support both in person and remote participants. Test the tools beforehand to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. 


Establish Meeting Etiquette:

Establish meeting etiquette with your team and provide the team with the opportunity to provide feedback. This may include: muting microphones when not speaking, using the raise hand feature to indicate wanting to speak and respecting everyone’s ideas and input.


Inclusive Meeting:

Create an inclusive environment by checking in with the remote participants to ensure they can hear / see and if they have any questions. 

If you plan to include a brain storming activity, ensure it includes technology where all participants are provided the opportunity to get their point across in a way they feel comfortable to contribute. This may include the post – it notes tool. 


Encourage Participation:

Actively encourage participation from both in-person and remote attendees by seeking input by all.


Meeting Times:

Consider rotating meeting times or participants from teams to accommodate different time zones.


Provide Training and Support:

Offer support to team members who are using remote meeting tools to ensure all participants feel comfortable and proficient in participating effectively.


Collect Feedback:

Following the meeting, request feedback from all participants to identify areas for improvement.


For more information on how we can help run effective hybrid remote meetings that help feel all team members feel engaged and included, call us on 1300 474 672, or send us an email if you need help.

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