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No-cost and low-cost single touch payroll solutions


25 May 2023

In a Micro business every dollar counts, and time is money as the saying goes.

So at this time of year when there are extra administration and governance burdens on business owners, it is important to save time and effort where you can.

The ATO has put together a no-cost and low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) product register to help micro employers (those with one to four employees) who need to report through STP more effectively.

Any product on this list must:

  • be affordable (costing less than $10 per month)
  • take only minutes to complete each pay period
  • not require the employer to maintain the software.

Remember that if you start using one product and discover it doesn’t fit your business needs, you may change to another solution. But make sure you don’t end up paying twice because of a contractual arrangement.

Please be aware that we are sharing to make Micro Business owner’s life easier but do not use or endorse these products internally in our own business as we have outgrown them. We encourage you to contact the company directly with questions.

Download the list here

Product name Company name Solution type Pricing Website
ClockOn Payroll ClockOn Australia Desktop, Cloud Free link
Easy Payslip & Payroll STP Easy Pay Slip Pty Ltd Mobile phone app, Tablet app, Website, Cloud $10 or less per month link
Single Touch – Lite Single Touch Pty ltd Cloud, ESS mobile app $10 or less per month link
Free Accounting Software Free Accounting Software Desktop Free link
ePayroll ReadyTech Cloud, ESS mobile app $10 or less per month link
simple-books Payroll Fiscal Software Online/cloud software On-line for ease of use and always up to date. Less than $10 per month. link
MYOB Essentials Payroll MYOB Australia Pty Ltd Web-based $10 or less per month link
Myaccountant Payroll Myaccountant Web-based $5 per month. Unlimited employees. link
Payroller Bookipi Pty Ltd Desktop, Mobile, Cloud Free link
sodaPAY sodaPAY Mobile One off $20 payment link
Payroo Payroo Australia Web-based, Desktop, tablet or mobile $2 per employee per month link
Microkeeper Microkeeper Cloud-based, Mobile apps One employee free. Up to four employees less than $10 per month link
Xero Payroll Xero Australia Pty Ltd Web-based $10 or less per month link
BAS Off BAS Off Pty Ltd Cloud One upfront fee of $100 link
IAM-STP GovReports Online application Free to March 2020. Thereafter $99pa with no employees limit link
Reckon One Payroll Reckon Cloud-based $7 per month link
Reckon Single Touch Payroll Reckon Mobile app Free link
Payroller STP App Bookipi Pty Ltd Mobile app, Cloud Free link
Business in Your Pocket (BIYP) Business in Your Pocket Smartphone App Free until 30 June 2020. $10 per month for all subscriptions from 1 July 2020 link
Wages1-4 Cashflow Manager Desktop $10 or less per month link
STP Basic by SmartPayroll SmartPayroll Web-based $10 or less per month link

Last modified date

21 Jun 2022


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