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Manly Kayak Centre: Streamlining HR Process with Ease

20 August 2021

Manly Kayak Centre (MKC) has been established on Sydney Harbour since 1994. They are proud to be able to provide the most diverse range of aquatic products and services in Sydney in three amazing locations. They offer aquatic rentals for kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, where water enthusiasts can take a lesson or tour, or hire a leisure boat for the day.


“We choose to work with Impact HR because of their honest and flexible approach to supporting small businesses.
Their service solution is easy and light touch. I appreciate how truly supportive they are.”

Lauren Easton


Q: What were the challenges prior to engaging Impact HR solutions and services?

MKC: We had very little in the way of HR processes. Because we had manual processes, it was hard to manage compliance and our employees found the processes complicated. From recruitment through to rostering everything was very manual and ad-hoc. Getting your HR processes in order is no easy task. There are a lot of things to consider from compliance through to processes and systems designed to protect both your business and your employees.

Q: What services does Impact HR provide to Manly Kayak Centre?

MKC: It would have been a long project to get everything compliant and up to date. Without Impact HR we would have been able to get this done but we would have fast fallen behind again. Impact HR supported us through the initial update of our systems, compliance and processes. Ongoing, they continue to update us with yearly changes to our Award rates and keep us apprised of any updates to legislation.

Impact HR continue to provide consultation and solutions on HR processes, systems and best practices. They ensure that we are able to navigate the tangled web of Fair Work compliance. Beyond this, they provide services outside of human resources, including keeping us up to date with applicable grants and other opportunities that may benefit our small business.

Q: What value did Impact HR create for your business?

MKC: Without a doubt Impact HR have provided invaluable insights in so many aspects of our business. Not only have they been instrumental in updating our HR policies and procedures, but they also supported us through the process of sponsoring one of our key employees. Their knowledge of small business best practice has provided insights we wouldn’t have been able to access on our own.

If we were to lose access to Impact HR’s insights, services and solutions, it would be a significant loss for our business. The support of Therese and her team, particularly throughout the challenges of 2020, were instrumental to us surviving one of the most difficult years in our history.

Manly Kayak Centre is a small, family-run business with a history of providing amazing experiences to their customers. This passionate local business is proud that their small team is a starting place of work for generations of young people.

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