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Leadership Struggles

27 October 2021

Leadership Struggles  |  What is the Reality?

Here are some interesting findings. A recent workplace report found;

  • That just 22% of leaders feel they are thriving
  • 60% of leaders describe themselves as struggling

For us at Impact HR that is truly heartbreaking. Leading a team can bring such a huge sense of fulfilment and joy as together you achieve results and celebrate overcoming challenges. Regrettably, based on these figures the majority of Leaders do not feel that way at the moment.

Promoted, yet not Groomed

But these figures aren’t really that surprising. I regularly see people promoted into management and leadership roles because they have done a great job at their technical skill. That skill might be finance, chemistry, IT etc. Naturally they have spent years studying that area of expertise at Uni and/or developing their skills at a practical level in the workforce. However, they are promoted with a magical letter/email that somehow is supposed to provide them with all of the planning, leadership and people coaching skills necessary to thrive in their new position. Obviously, it doesn’t work that way.

Leaders need help too

While we acknowledge that being a leader is hard sometimes and that our current leadership landscape has become come more complex in a Covid world, no manager has to feel like they are “just surviving”.  The same research shows becoming a thriving leader at work is less dependent on their situation and more dependent on capabilities.

Luckily capabilities can be learnt. That means that your ability to thrive as a leader, to navigate times of success, struggle and challenge is something that can be learnt and you have the power to choose to learn to be a successful and thriving leader by investing in yourself.

When you started in your career, your skills and experience were limited. With support and development, you are now the master in that area. You can choose that option for your leadership and management skills too.

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