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5 August 2021

Something we’re passionate about at Impact HR is helping our clients grow their business through developing employees to reach their potential with our coaching and training programs. We’re excited to share three new training and coaching programs launching in August 2021: our 10-month Leader as Coach training program, and a Mastering Difficult Conversations short-course and mini-coaching program. Our training courses and coaching programs are all based on the latest research and use proven frameworks and tools to support the learning and development of your team.

Leader as Coach

This 10-month online group coaching program will transform your organisation by creating a culture of empowered and engaged leaders and team members. Through developing the ability to have effective coaching conversations, leaders will acquire the skills needed to guide, inspire, and encourage team members to meet their full potential. The program is suitable for anyone with responsibility for leading and managing others, who wants to enhance their leadership skills with a focus on coaching: business owners, executive leaders, emerging leaders, line managers, high-potential executives. Learning outcomes include:

  • Confidence and skills to have quality one-to-one coaching sessions with team members using the GROW Coaching Model
  • The role of a growth mindset and emotional agility
  • When and how to coach for different behavioural styles
  • Leveraging strengths as a leader and within a team
  • Effectively give and receive feedback
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • A personalised development plan to continue their growth as a coach and leader

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

4-week short course

Nothing changes if we choose not to have a conversation about an issue or concern. However, for many of us, framing the conversation in a way that doesn’t create a confrontation can feel challenging. Designed for managers, team leaders, business owners, and team members, in this practical course you’ll learn how to:

  • Reframe your thoughts around the conversation
  • Prepare appropriately for the conversation
  • Refine your active listening skills to understand and empathise
  • Effectively receive and provide feedback
  • Understand different communication styles
  • Co-create a positive approach for future difficult conversations

This interactive and practical course is limited to 10 participants and will take place over a period of four weeks. The learning comprises 2 x online workshops, supporting resources and reflective questions, and a personal development plan to help the participant build effective communication skills.

Mini-Coaching Program

Designed to address an individual’s specific communication needs. Over a course of 3 x 60-minute 1:1 online coaching sessions, this mini-coaching program focuses on developing the individual’s confidence and skills for managing difficult conversations. Sessions are based around the GROW Coaching Model to achieve consistent success and teach long term behavioural patterns that will support the individual through future challenges.

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We’re here to help you

These are just a few of the ways we can support you and your team through our training and coaching programs. Other topics we cover include leadership, performance management, creating high performing teams, managing change, and mindfulness at work. To learn more, please get in touch.

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