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Improve Business Results by Measuring Employee Engagement


February 26, 2024

Throughout February, we’ve been focusing on Creating a Great Place to Work. We’ve shared that engaged employees are more productive and create businesses that are 21% more profitable. Such an important metric deserves to be measured and understood.


Employee Engagement Surveys (EES)

Employee Engagement Surveys (EES) are an essential tool to give you insights into what is working for your employees and what is not. This allows us to focus our time and effort on things that matter most to the team and have the biggest impact on Engagement. 


EES ask all employees to share their feelings about overall satisfaction with their employer. It also includes employee advocacy, belonging, manager style, innovation, customer service, career development, benefits, etc. Giving you valuable information about what employees love and where you can improve. In SMEs where budgets and time are tight, laser focus on the most valuable changes is key to building successful and profitable businesses. 


Some owners and managers worry that asking the questions will create expectations for employees that they can’t afford. Often there are low cost, yet highly effective options for improving the highlighted areas of concern. We’ve shared some great ideas already this month. Depending on the size of your team, we can also dig deeper and provide targeted solutions for individual teams. 


You should also consider the cost of recruitment if someone resigns because they are dissatisfied. The interruption to your business, recruitment costs and training someone new quickly add up to more than the investment required to resolve a perceived issue raised in the EES.


Now is the perfect time to complete your EES and have access to data which will improve decision making and budgeting for next financial year. Reach out today on or 1300474672 for more information. 

We would love to help you create your dream business through your dream team, with valuable insights into what your employees love and areas for improvement. 

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