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From chaos to calm


24 October 2023

Here we are again… we’re on the downhill run and the end of the year will be here before we know it.

As we approach the end of 2023 it’s time to think back at your year, did it go as you thought it would? Is there anything you would change? It’s time to look at your systems and frameworks to make sure they are what they need to be and make sure they still serve you.

If 2023 was more chaos than calm, it’s time to implement some structure to ensure the next year runs as smoothly as possible. We know that things are always going to pop up, we can’t plan for everything and every situation but we can control the controllables.

We know that its human nature to want to know what is coming, we all like to know when important dates are going to occur throughout the year. It is important to have a map showing the way so your team (and you!) know when things are happening.

There is nothing worse than realising you need to be at a conference, conduct performance reviews, manage an important client project and make payroll changes all in the same month while a couple of your key employees are on annual leave or its school holidays. This is where a well planned calendar is your best friend.

Impact HR have implemented successful annual calendars for many businesses. These calendars map out not only general HR related events but also legal requirements and dates specific to your business. If you would like to talk to a consultant about how to customise this, please give us a call on 1300 474 672 or via email on

Some important dates to consider to make sure your year is more calm than chaos include:

· Start with your own needs: Book your personal development and holidays or breaks. Your perform at your best when you are growing and well rested.

· All public holidays for each state and territory across Australia which are relevant to your teams locations. (you might want to think about whether you will allow your team to choose their own public holidays or if your business will stick to the gazetted ones).

· School holiday dates, especially if you have a large number of parents in your workforce.

· University terms dates, especially if you have a large number of students in your workforce.

· Date of your annual engagement survey including when the results will be presented.

· Dates for your annual career conversations or annual performance reviews including when role or pay changes might be implemented.

· Any major conferences, industry events, trade shows or field days.

· All of your all hands or company-wide meetings.

· Any significant pre booked leave for your team.

· Award updates. These happen in July each year and you may need to implement changes quickly depending on what changes are made in your relevant awards.

· Any regular or mandatory training which is planned or booked such as First Aid training, WHS training, Mental Health First Aid or Leader As Coach for example.

· Dates for physical ergonomic assessments in offices or remote working ergonomic assessments surveys if your workforce is remote or hybrid.

· Any relevant national days such as Harmony Day, International Women’s Day, your industry day or RUOK? Day.

· Dates for your Flu vaccination program if relevant.

Making a robust and relevant calendar for your business and sharing this with your team in advance can make all the difference and set you, your business and your team up for a successful and calm 2024.

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