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Control the Controllables

19 October 2021

Control the Controllables

Things feel harder if we are battling against things that are beyond our control.  At Impact HR consulting we have a couple of important sayings that make the unknown of dealing with people (the joys and the occasional disappointments) easier: Circles of Influence and Control the Controllables. When we coach people (owners, managers and employees) around Control the Controllables, we focus on identifying two things:

1. What can I control

2. What can’t I control

This approach ensures we  focus on what we can control; how to best manage it and then build upon the things in our control.
We also identify things we can’t control and find ways to mitigate them.

Three Circles of Influence

When we work with people and managers in the circles of influence there are 3 levels we look at closely.

  1. What I can control
  2. What I can influence
  3. What is external /environmental that is beyond my control and influence

We spend a lot of time in the inner circle, what I can control.

React & Respond

At the moment there are a lot of things that we can’t control. But we can control how we respond and react to the current situation. For all the things you can’t do in business right now, there are still so many things that you can do and important decisions that you can make.

While we may not be able to control if a café can open, there are in fact, many things that we can do. Such as: we can work on our marketing, negotiate with suppliers, enhance our procedures, develop a new product, provide on-line training etc. We can be prepared for the next steps and make plans for when we reopen and more.

By Controlling the Controllables, you will give yourself a greater sense of momentum. There are always steps that can be taken to make progress, and these achievements will lay a foundation for the future.

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