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Commuting to Your Home Office

9 May 2020

Currently thousands of the Australian work force are being thrown in to working from home.  As much as working from home has its benefits, it can be a hard to make that shift especially if it wasn’t your choice.

One of the disadvantages of working from home can be a change of routine and the creation of blurred lines between home life and work life.  You need to set boundaries between work and home life.  Commuting, as much as it can feel like a chore, can be the very thing that helps those boundaries, it gets you started in your day and also creates closure on your day.  When working from home your commute means walking out of your bedroom, or not for some, and on to your laptop, and before you know it you haven’t left the house for 3 days.

 As someone who has worked from home now for a number of years, I wanted to share with you one of my survival tips:   

 Create a new way to commute:  It helps you keep hold of some of your old routine, gets you out of the house, gets you dressed and also adds some exercise in to your day. 

Your new way of commuting could be a walk around the block, a bike ride, scooter or skateboard.  Whatever helps you to get your day started.  This commute is usually more enjoyable as it comes without crowded trains and traffic jams.  It’s usually on time too 😊

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