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Are you guilty of job-washing?

21 November 2022

Are You Guilty of Job Washing?

Job washing is a term being used in the current job market where employers are overselling a job opportunity to entice and attract talent to their business, but the reality is different. Job washing may seem like a great idea in a competitive market to snap up that skilled employee, but such a practice has lasting negative effects on the reputation, culture, and financials for a business.

From an employee’s perspective they’ve secured a great job and are excited for what the future holds, until some time has passed, and they discover things are not as promised and are left feeling possibly both annoyed and disgruntled. If this occurs and attitudes shift culture is affected, team issues fester and it’s quite likely the newly appointed employee will enter back into the job market to secure their next opportunity.

From an employer’s perspective following the above scenario, you now have cultural issues, possible team disputes, a tarnished reputation and wasted financial resources due to ongoing recruitment costs. Taking these perspectives into consideration it makes you wonder what is the benefit of job washing…..?

Current job market trends indicate candidates are more confident to change jobs and find one that suits their needs and flexibility requirements, this is especially due to the impacts of Covid and the younger generation. For the employees who choose to stay they may become unproductive, disengaged, or start contributing to the development of an adverse culture.

Employers may not intend to job wash or even be aware that what’s happening could be due to miscommunication in the recruitment process; panic to retain and attract the right candidate; or misinterpretation of policies and procedures. Whatever the reason, awareness of what job washing is, ensuring clear communication and expectations from the beginning and having a flexible approach to recruitment practices will support businesses in attracting and importantly retaining the right employees.

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