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3 Low Cost Team Development Ideas

April 15, 2024

The world is always changing. To be successful our business and our teams need to stay up to date. Continuous learning and development are essential to staying profitable and ahead of the competition but doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. How do you build continuous learning into your everyday? Our 3 low-cost team development ideas for growing your whole team are below:


Lunch and Learns 

Once our team members are experts at using our internal systems, lunch and learns are a great way to create consistency and up-skill your entire team. The added bonus is recognising someone as an internal expert is a great boost to their confidence and demonstrates how much you value them.


Topic for Lunch and Learns could include:  

  • Technical Skills
  • Product / Service Deep Dive
  • Case Studies
  • Expert Shares


Want to know how to set this up for the best results, reach out to us and we can help you.


Cross Training / Internal Shadowing 

In small teams, we often have a single person who is responsible for a specific or technical task. When that person is on leave or unwell, it is regularly the owner who must step in, or it gets left undone. Ensuring that others can step up to provide at least ‘emergency support’ is important for continuity and customer service.

Building cross training and internal shadowing into your Business as Usual processes has so many positives. It creates variety for your team and shows them you believe in them. It provides confidence if a key member of the team were to resign or become ill. It also ensures customer service standards are met when people are on leave.


Get started with this by reaching out to us.


Training Videos 

How often do you share something valuable with your team that you will need to share with any new starters? Don’t waste the opportunity to create your own training library.

Getting into the habit of recording these sessions using online tools like teams / zoom / google meet / loom etc. will save you and your business hours. Team members will be able to go back to the videos for a quick check of the process or system if they have questions and new members of the team can self-pace their learning.

Leveraging your time and effort to build a learning library will give you months or even years of benefit.  This is a game changer and can help you achieve consistent growth and scale smoothly.


Let us help you with this today!

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